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Reasons You Need To Insist Soil Testing Service For New Construction

Whether residential or commercial, your property is going to be erected on the soil. Therefore, it is crucial to perform soil testing to ensure the quality of the ground where you will be building your dream home or commercial space.

But, what will happen if you opt-out of soil testing?

Problems. And a lot of them!

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Your new home or building might collapse

Knowing what type of soil you are working on is important to prevent serious risks like the building or house collapsing. There are at least 6 types of soil classification that can be determined by soil testing which includes:


  • Class A – Consists of rock and sand which has very little or no chance of ground to slip away.
  • Class S – Slight likelihood for the ground to shift. Often composed of clay.
  • Class M – Silt or clay sites and has an only moderate possibility for the soil to crumble and get displaced.
  • Class H – Expect the site to have a high tendency for the ground to shake and move.
  • Class E – The possibility for ground shifting is extreme.
  • Class P – The soil experiences severe moisture change and is not suitable for construction. Classified as problem sites.
Not be able to determine corrosive soil

Chemical corrosion in soils happens when the ground comprises a substantial level of soluble salt and comes in direct contact with buried concrete or metal. This will massively affect the structural integrity of the home or building that is why it is essential to do soil testing prior to construction.

Face soil liquefaction after an earthquake

Soil liquefaction is a phenomenon that often happens after a rapid impulse loading or earthquake. Without soil testing, you would not be able to tell whether the soil is strong and stiff enough to hold a building.

Increase cost to build significantly

Soil behaves temporarily. With shaking or rainfall, it can easily loosen up, detach, and crumble down. A soil testing service in Pittsburgh will help determine whether the site is expected to have a higher average of movement, minimizing costly mistakes and repeats.

What you need is the best soil testing solution in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our qualified oil tank contractors can give you more information about our oil tank leak soil testing service. Talk with us today.

Tank Away PA is a professional oil tank removal company. We offer our services in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and its neighboring cities. Our primary services include:


  • Oil tank disposal
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We cannot wait to talk to you about how important it is to conduct soil testing and an analysis. There are numerous benefits like ensuring your safety, meeting the construction requirement, and taking advantage of nutrient-field soil. 


Good soil is fundamental in construction or food production. With our Pittsburgh soil testing services, we can help you test and analyze the sample. And we will arrive at an accurate interpretation of data that will increase the efficiency of construction work. 


If you are looking for the best soil testing company, Tank Away PA is your trusted partner. We assure you will get only the best oil tank services nearby, with quick-to-act oil tank experts.

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