Soil Remediation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

When a property needs soil remediation, Tank Away PA is the team of professionals that will bring vast experience and expertise into play.

We are not just an average oil tank removal company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We apply exhaustive techniques to guarantee the client’s goals are achieved in a timely manner.

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Benefits of Soil Remediation Services

Soil remediation is a large part of oil tank removal and cleanup. The principal objective of our soil remediation service is to reduce or remove any toxic or waste material from specific land.

Aside from being a requirement by government organizations and regulatory agencies, investing in soil remediation methods provides numerous benefits such as:

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Prevent health risks
Polluted soil carries a negative impact on human health, as well as the health and safety of wildlife. Soil remediation will reduce the risks of people and animals becoming exposed to toxic wastes that lead to physical injury and serious health problems.
Enhance the quality of land
Hazardous compounds or oil leaking from an underground storage tank mixing in the soil corrupts the land deeming it unsafe to use. Following soil remediation, approaches can help make the land safe to use again.
Avoid further damaging materials and structure
Ordering soil remediation from the best soil remediation contractors is the right decision to prevent further compromising the integrity of the land and structures on it.
Improve the curb appeal of the property
Soil remediation solutions will not only make the property look better, but smell better too.
Tank Away PA works with numerous specialists and local experts to develop the best remedial action plan that will maximize the effectiveness of measures and minimize exposure to toxic substances. We have treated hundreds of polluted soil that vary in size, scope, duration, and cost.

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Types of Soil Remediation Operations

Tank Away PA offers soil remediation services for sites with various chemical concerns. We will conduct the appropriate soil testing and evaluation to establish the most effective remedial strategies.

Some of our soil remedial solutions include the following operations:

  • Excavation

This comprises the expulsion and transfer of contaminated soil to a permitted disposal or treatment facility. Soil excavation is allowed under the cleanup guidelines by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. It is perhaps the quickest method to treat a land polluted with pesticides, chemical compounds, arsenic, lead, petroleum, or other residuals. It is also the typical treatment we use in connection with underground storage tanks.

  • Soil Vapor Extraction

This remedial method is a common soil remediation approach used for land polluted by volatile substances. Most soil remediation companies often use this method to address massive volumes of soil contamination. Soil vapor extraction is performed using a pressure gradient. 


Our experts in soil remediation are involved in small, large scale, and complex soil remedial projects that require vast experience, skills, and the proper industry-grade equipment. Our staff of specialists are equipped with extensive experience and are located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


If you are looking for oil removal companies that can provide remediation and cleanup, talk to Tank Away PA.

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Call: 412-744-8892
Location: 300 Mt Lebanon Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15234