Oil tank spills are very expensive to get rid of. It could lead to tens and thousands of dollars in clean-up costs, plus penalty charges. Unfortunately, we see that happen every day!

Tank Away PA offers the best oil tank sweep services for customers living or near Pittsburgh, PA. 

Worried about a possible buried oil tank in your new property? We got you! 

Dial our number or hit us with a message for concerns about disregarded oil tanks. Our oil tank storage specialists will be able to give you complete detail of what you should do.

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How Do You Remediate A Forgotten Oil Tank In Your Home?

Steel materials degrade over time. It corrodes and rusts causing above-ground or underground oil storage tanks to leak. So how do you clean up such a mess? 

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oil tank removed in Pittsburgh
You should not address the problem on your own

Do not start digging to search for the neglected underground oil storage or clean up an oil tank leak. Without the proper knowledge and experience in oil sweep, the best thing you can do is to contact a trusted oil tank company in Pittsburgh.

Get in touch with the professionals

After consulting with oil tank removal specialists in Pittsburgh, PA, you will learn about all the dangers of oil tanks that were left behind as well as the risks of oil leaks contaminating the ground. Furthermore, you will understand ways to avoid coming in contact with the vapors or toxic gasses that come with them.

The best oil sweep contractors know what to expect from an oil tank sweep. That is why you should let the professionals deal with the oil tank and oil spills to ensure several detection methods are performed. And that is what Tank Away PA can offer!

Best Oil Tank Sweep Service in Pittsburgh, PA

Our oil tank technicians will inspect and perform underground oil tank scan services in the area, and the entire perimeter of the property to detect where the oil storage tank might be located.

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  • We use industry-grade equipment such as a penetrating radar system that will track down buried objects as far as 25 feet under. This type of equipment is geared to pick up on large metallic objects and not the small plumbing pipes.
  • Our contractors and oil tank experts will also physically probe the soil to check for other materials and components.
  • Once our technicians and personnel get a reading somewhere, the team will test it using another tool to uncover whether it is just a septic tank or an abandoned oil tank.


An oil tank sweep will help reveal if the property has an old oil tank underneath and remove the problem efficiently and without the expensive mess. The state of Pennsylvania has specific restrictions that mandate home or business owners to manage and remediate oil tanks properly. 


Tank Away PA offers affordable oil sweeps in Pittsburgh, PA. Our team can handle both remediation and oil tank removal. Make sure you are only working with a company that has the best oil tank sweep services nearby. Schedule a meeting with us today.

Qualified Pittsburgh, PA Oil Tank Removal

Our qualified oil tank removal contractors will do the legwork for you! Most importantly, our dedicated team will:


  • Ask you the right questions that will best understand what oil storage pump and tank services you need.
  • Create appropriate oil sweep solutions and recommend an approach that is ideal for your situation.
  • Our oil tank experts will answer any specific questions you have regarding oil tank removal, oil tank disposal, soil testing service, and oil sweep services. 


If you want to learn more, Tank Away PA is here to be your guide throughout the whole process. We will guide you in deciding the best option and finding the right oil sweep solutions.

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