Oil Tank Removal Pittsburgh, PA

Welcome to Tank Away PA! We are an industry-leading oil tank storage specialist in Pittsburgh, PA, and the surrounding area. We offer a variety of oil tank-related services such as oil tank disposal, oil tank installation, and oil scan and sweep. Our seasoned oil tank experts have the necessary experience and skills to provide state-of-the-art service and customer care in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Tank Finding Services


Oil Tank Removal

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Tank Away PA offers our customers state-of-the-art above-ground and underground oil tank removal services

oil tank removal pittsburgh
oil tank removal pittsburgh
Oil Tank Installation

Make the right decision by choosing an oil tank with Tank Away PA. Our products are designed to solve specific residential and commercial needs. We recommend speaking with our professional oil tank removal specialist to get insights about our oil tank installation services.

Oil Tank Removal

Tank Away Pro offers quality service so our clients can have peace of mind. Our PA oil tank disposal is amongst the best in the state. Our experts and personnel are reliable.

It is a must for us to keep prevailing in the industry. Our oil tank removal for in-ground and underground storage is not taken lightly. We make sure that our clients understand perfectly what is involved in the underground storage tank removal process, as well as, cleaning any remnants.


Here is a sneak peek of our process:


  • Whether in-ground or underground operation, the first thing we do is to inspect and prepare.
  • After deciding on the service, before the oil tank installation or oil tank disposal, we will arrange the proper equipment and tools.
  • We will reach out to the appropriate local agencies, experts, and inspectors to make the project successful.

Other Oil Tank Removal Pittsburgh Services

While the vast majority of experience of our qualified oil tank contractors lies in oil tank removal and installation, their skills and knowledge are not restricted to them. Because of our mission to supply quality services, we conduct extensive training to be the best in the industry. 

Our services stretch to:

oil tank removal pittsburgh
  • Oil Tank Sweep

Need help finding an underground oil tank? Many oil tank sweep services around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will charge you a fortune to find a decommissioned tank. Tank Away PA offers an affordable oil tank sweep service. If you believe that an underground tank may be within your property, hire the pros.

  • Soil Testing

Environmental pollution happens all the time and almost everywhere. One of the most common causes is soil contamination from fuel, heating oil, pesticides, and oil leaks from machinery and automobiles. Let our oil tank storage specialists in PA help you carry out a soil testing service on your property.

  • Soil Remediation

One of the things that make us one of the best oil tank removal companies in PA is our dedication to keeping the environment unpolluted and green. Work with us! To acquire a full detail of our environmental remediation services, give us a call.


Do you have a leaking oil tank?

Did oil contaminate your ground?

Want to do remediation around your property?


Talk with us to find out the next steps you should do!

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Our company’s core set of values is built on:


  • Leadership that can propel the operation to succeed. Our experts and staff share responsibilities and motivate each other to provide the best oil tank services no matter how small or big projects may seem.


  • Recognize the worth of planning and assessing strategies. We look at every angle of the project and come up with the best oil tank solutions that will innovate the whole process.


  • Boldness to tackle sudden challenges and even the most overwhelming problem. All our employees are well-trained, skilled, and are committed to success. The only way you can achieve a desirable result is with a determined team who will not hesitate or back down when difficulties arise.


  • Genuine customer care that will prove our worth. For Tank Away PA, we love interacting with our clients to learn their goals and expectations. Through great customer support, we have delivered multiple work successes and happy customers.


Tank Away PA has a mission to provide Pennsylvania and the neighboring communities excellent services. In an industry that is as arduous and intricate as oil tank pumps and tanks, we always want to challenge the standards.


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Proudly Serving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Tank Away PA is a serious oil tank company. Naturally, when people need a specific service, they tend to search online for the best oil tank services nearby. But you do not have to waste one more minute, just call our office and we will provide you with complete detail of the pump and tank services we offer throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

When you need a professional oil tank disposal or installation, Tank Away PA is the oil storage company near you that can get the job done. For years we have been carving our name in the industry and have maintained an exceptional standard of service that made us the number one oil tank service provider in PA in our client’s mind.

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